#WorldWaterDay hits home in #FlintWaterCrisis

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By Andrea Freygang Today is World Water Day and while Americans are great at helping impoverished nations across the globe improve their water supplies, they seem to have an inability to do the same back home. A recent shining example of this is Flint, Michigan and the #FlintWaterCrisis where Gov. Rick Snyder knew about lead leaching into the water supplies …

Trump declaring party loyalty, September 3, 2015, Trump Tower. Photo Creative Commons Use courtesy of Wikipedia.org as seen here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump.

America’s #Trump Problem

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By Megha Rodriguez “Trump has to be stopped.” Those are words being uttered by Republicans who aren’t in his camp AND the Independents and Democrats who abhor his method of delivery and flamboyant promises of deporting immigrants, blocking Muslims, punching protesters in the face or whatever the latest folly that happens to appear on the news feed. But there are …

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‘Rock’ the Boat! Dumb as a Box of Rocks offers the opportunity to let candidates know that their actions aren’t going unnoticed

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O’Fallon, MO – When it comes to political candidates, stupid has no party affiliation. Stupid is bipartisan. And stupid is equal opportunity. Neither side of the political divide has cornered the market on doing or saying dumb things. So what’s a voter to do? They could call a candidate’s headquarters and complain, but it doesn’t always make a difference. Before …

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#SendRocksNow to Gov. Snyder in #FlintWaterCrisis

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For a timeline of events in the #FlintWaterCrisis, click here: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/01/21/us/flint-lead-water-timeline.html?_r=0. At Box of Rocks, we were thrilled to hear that the EPA Regional director for the State of Michigan (federal EPA)  had taken responsibility for the #FlintWaterCrisis and stepped down. However, we think that Governor Rick Snyder  in charge of the mess needs to step down as well. If …


We discovered @Ballotpedia while looking for ballot amendments

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In our hunt for some great political resources to provide you, we stumbled across Ballotpedia. This site is a goldmine of information about candidates, issues and topics across the United States. From local to national, there is some comprehensive and seemingly pretty bi-partisan coverage of topics. Did you know that there are 49 ballot measure up for vote this year? …

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Are you registered to #vote? #VoteUSA for 2016. No vote? No complaints!

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2016 is a big year with plenty of issues and politicians up for election. No matter where you live and whether you vote Republican or Democrat, make sure you are registered to vote. Even if you don’t think your vote counts. Especially if you don’t think your vote counts. Who are you to complain if you don’t participate? Even if …