About Dumb as a Box of Rocks

The brainchild of entrepreneur Bob Vance, Dumb As A Box Of Rocks provides a tongue-in-cheek way for citizens to voice their displeasure with the action or words of their representatives in government. With more than 600 politicians listed on the website, people have a choice of sending a box of rocks to express anger or a rock-shaped chocolates to express appreciation. Shipments are fulfilled by special needs youths in California and a percentage of each box will be donated to children’s charities around the world.

The Team

The team at Box of Rocks is made up of veteran journalists and marketers equally passionate about civic engagement and changing the status quo of politicians in this country. Each of us has a hand in managing the voice of Box of Rocks and you will see blog posts from all of us and everyone on the team contributes to the social media messaging. On Twitter, we sign our Tweets with our initials!

Marketing Director – Andrea Freygang


andrea freygangWith her feet firmly rooted in activism, Andrea Freygang dove into journalism 15 years ago determined to focus on our country’s government and help keep them in check. This passion for watch-dog journalism propelled her to work in covering education, government, crime and other current events in  her community, both local and on the national stage. Her work for newspapers in Georgia and Florida required sitting through hundreds, if not thousands of hours of government meetings and then reporting back to the community what was happening in hopes of encouraging civic engagement. Her work placed her in school board meetings, local city commission meetings, statewide environmental hearings, presidential debates (she was live on the scene of the 2012 Presidential Debate in Florida with the crew from Observer Newspaper live-streaming the event to our readers!), all sorts of community meetings and on the scene of a variety of crimes from homicides to bomb scares. She has interviewed politicians of all colors from local commissioners all the way up to presidential candidates.

Her rallying cry has long been “get involved, get engaged” so taking her journalistic experience and applying it to Box of Rocks was an easy transition. After years of watching politicians, interviewing them and publishing articles about their forays into the community, Andrea Freygang draws on her rich experience to help guide the Box of Rocks brand. After a few years hiatus (covering crime and politics can get quite exhausting at times as it’s around the clock news!), she is ready to bring the message of civic engagement to the masses via Box of Rocks.

Coming out of retirement, she is ready to rock and help bring our citizens to a new level of engagement and have a bit of fun with rocks along the way, sending our politicians a message that we are watching and will let them know when their actions are unacceptable. Her firm belief in watchdog journalism will add a unique flair to the communications and to the blog for Box of Rocks. Her unique insight to how government works will help her not only educate but hopefully inspire citizens to get engaged in the process in a non-violent yet visible way that gets their message across.  Her Independent leanings and belief that voting should be issue and candidate based not party based brings a balanced approach to coverage of the issues on all sides of the equation.

Social Media Director – Megha Rodriguez


Sommegha rodriguezetimes you can run from politics, but you cannot hide! Megha’s roots in journalism, political studies and history primed her for a time such as this. Her interest in politics stems from her early childhood interests in history and a pursuit of understanding some of mankind’s notable disasters, such as the Civil War, French Revolution and the Holocaust. It was from these studies that she began to understand the importance of a well educated citizen.

Much to the dismay of her Democrat parents, she founded the Young Republicans in her high school. She also fostered the Earth Day awareness efforts at her high school (maybe this is the start of her break from being a strict Republican). She was selected as an attendee for Presidential Classroom which offered her the unique opportunity to experience politics in Washington DC and attend the first inauguration of Bill Clinton. As she continued forward into her early 20s, she was very active in the Republican Party until the day she had a confrontation with the Christian Coalition leader of her precinct who told her she could not hold up a sign for her candidate of choice or she would not be selected as a delegate again. She decided to hold up the sign, alienated her boyfriend, with Congressional aspirations, who told her he wanted a good political wife and the rest is history 😉 This was the moment of “enlightenment” where she finally understood the implications of partisan politics and her deep repulsion to the “politics as usual” behavior that she feels plagues our country.

Today, while she still adheres to many of her generally conservative leanings such as Constitutional rights, capitalism with social responsibility and opposition to entitlements and big government, however, she also advocates for positions on equal rights and civil liberties.

Her multi-cultural and multi-religion background, gives her a unique vantage point on the challenges of our nation today. She summarizes her political leaning as Fiscal Conservative and Social Liberal. Luckily she really isn’t too concerned about winning political popularity contests, but rather encouraging people to question the status quo and become well-educated in the reasons for their political positions.

Today she focuses on putting her political views into action as she focuses on coaching entrepreneurs to expand their impact and influence online while also actively pursuing her vision to help break the cycles of welfare dependency by creating training and work centers in economically disadvantaged cities in the United States, as well as as, support of similar programs that can stem the same types of poverty issues in developing nations.

Public Relations Director – Adam Matza


Adam MatzaAdam Matza is decidedly post-political. “It seems like the sane position to take,” he said. “I mean, Donald Trump might wind up as President.”

Adam’s background includes journalistic stints with the Associated Press and The Miami Herald. As a healthcare reporter for the South Florida Business Journal and Medical Business South Florida, he was regularly lied to by politicians, including the future governor of the state of Florida, Rick Scott, who was establishing Columbia/HCA (and preparing to perpetrate huge Medicare/Medicaid fraud).

Adam is also a spoken word performer and experimental musician known for taking controversial positions and not being tied to either political party. In 1996, he ran a “Non-Presidential” campaign, encouraging people not to vote because “if the oligarchs threw a presidential election and nobody showed up, it would send them a clear message that the system isn’t working for the majority. Too bad it didn’t work; look where we are now.”

Not surprisingly, Adam isn’t much for ideology or played out b.s. “I calls ‘em likes I sees ‘em,” he said.

Rocking Politics Radio Show Host – Hillary Raimo

*Rocking Politics is a weekly interview format BlogTalk Radio show hosted by Dumb as a Box of Rocks. Launches mid-March.

hillary raimoHillary Raimo was one of the founding voices in the alternative media and is the CEO and owner of YinRadioTV. She began her radio career in 2005 and has hosted on a variety of networks including Achieve Radio, Capricorn Radio and CCN. Her guests have ranged from industrial whistleblowers, corporate insiders, leading health experts to every day people looking to make a difference in the world. Her experience on the radio has helped and inspired many. With a traditional background in Psychology, she has pursued studies in Shamanism, ancient cultures, alternative medicine and meditation. She also holds a NYS license in Real Estate and Insurance. Hillary is the author of two books Life According to an Unknown and Money Matters for Mind, Body and Spirit and is currently working on her 3rd book The Art of Conversation (working title). She maintains a weekly blog The Yin Factor and is co-author of the popular astrology blog The Intuitive Matrix with Betsy Peerless. Hillary is a certified Reiki Master Teacher in Usui and Karuna Reiki and currently holds monthly meditation seminars at Spirit Tree Connections in Albany, NY. Hillary lives in upstate New York with her family.

Subscribe to Hillary’s Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK3MCat8RrPrNS0rky6x6Eg

Hillary is available for private one on one consultations http://www.hillaryraimo.com

Web/Graphic Designer – Adam Freygang

domoadamAdam Freygang devours financial, political and international news like some people eat breakfast. Well-versed in international geo-political, financial and military history, Adam brings a passion for understanding our world through critical thinking. As a web designer, he brings over 15 years experience in design, print, media, marketing and more to create the Dumb as a Box of Rocks website. His full portfolio is at www.bnetgraphics.com. When not crunching code, he can be found out in the desert with his astro-photography setup and playing online video games with his friends.